Collection Program
If you are serious
about your money,
and are ready to stop
the financial loss to
bad debt don't
hesitate to contact us,
remember if we don't
collect your money  
we don't get paid.
    If you have had enough with the collection process, and are tired of paying
companies to perform with empty promises, please contact us. If you have a
judgment from 300-Up, and are unable to have the debtor pay please feel free to
contact us. We will fill in the collection process for you. There are no out of pocket
expenses to you. For a percentage of collected we will take the headache away
and collect the debt for you. Our rates run from 15 to 50 percent with 35 percent
being the standard on all collections. Remember with just a phone call you can
terminate all collection process with no additional cost or hidden fee's.
Our current collection rate is 98.9 percent .
Please contact us at 918-313-9165 or 918-446-6023 or Fax us at 918-447-0485 Thanks!
Watson & Associates
Tulsa Legal Support Service
Cell 918-313-9165 Ph 918-446-6023 Fax 918-447-0485 email admin@tulsalegalsupport
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