We will find the most effective and money saving solution for your needs.  We serve them faster then
anyone else. We get them served, and get them served fast.
If we can't serve your document then it can not be served. We will go any hour of the day or night to get
your person served.
Regular Service in the City of Tulsa
Regular Service in Adjacent Counties
$45.00 Plus
Mileage and
Regular Service for All other counties of Oklahoma
Flat rate fee covers unlimited trips to subject until contact has been made
Additional Documents to same subject
Additional Address on same subject
Issue and Filings Tulsa County
Wait time on subject with Authorization, rounded to nearest quarter hour.
Public Records Search
Rush Services with Authorization
Contact Us
Cell 916-313-9165 Ph 918-446-6023 Fax 918-447-0485 email admin@tulsalegalsupportservice.com
Rush Services; Is were you documents take precedent over all others and is to be served first. All documents are worked the
same day we receive them.
Service Of Process
Watson & Associates
Tulsa Legal Support Service
Cell 918-313-9165 Ph 918-446-6023 Fax 918-447-0485
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