About Our Business
We Are a Full Service Bail Bonding & Legal Support Firm

The Service We Provide shows in the people we help
     1. Bail Bonds-
When bad things happen to good people, we are there to help. From the Jail house to the Court House we can help you
                              every step of the way through the system and safely out again. Taking each and every client every step of the way             
                               through the criminal justice system with professionalism.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to treat each and every client with professional courtesy and dignity, as a part of our job performance, to help each client seek out
the legal, financial, assistance that they may need. To treat each and every client as part of our family.
      Tulsa Legal Support Service has been in business since 1998, helping people solve their legal problems. What ever your situation, what
ever the charge we can help you now. We serve all of Oklahoma, if one of our agents is unable to serve you, we will find a bondsman in your
area that can.

Please contact us at 918-622-8575
Client Information
No client information can be released without the explicit written consent of that client. Because of the
nature of our business no process, methods, or procedures can be discussed on how information was
acquired. All information provided to clients is verifiable. All pictures and or cam corded information is
the sole property of the company .

Please contact us at  918-622-8575
The Place
From getting your loved
ones out of jail, to
assisting with acquiring
an attorney,

Please contact us at
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