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1. Bail Bonds
  The standard premium is 10% of the bond, with a payment plan available for 5% of the bond.
2. Warrant and Surrender
We will search for free any current possible warrants. If any warrants are found we will provide a free surrender                  
3. Attorney Referrals
We will provide you for free current criminal attorney's who have shown a willingness, to work with our clients on                
   payments, but have also shown that they will fight for our clients and not just plead them out.
4. Bondsman Referral
If we are unable to post your bond, we will locate a bondsman who can.
5. Payment Plans
We have payment plans that can fit any budget.
6. Cash Discounts
We provide discounts on all cash bonds.  
7. Counties
We provide bail in all of Oklahoma.
8. Hours of Operation
  We are a full service Bail Bonding Company we are open 24/7/365.
9. Type of Payment
  We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, pay pal, and cash.
10. Interest on Payment
We charge 0% interest on all payment plans.

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